A Naruto Based RPG that is set 60 Years after the main storyline.The world is at war and Akatsuki is in shabbles
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 Rinas stuff

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PostSubject: Rinas stuff   Rinas stuff Icon_minitimeThu Oct 30, 2008 8:29 pm

Jutsus:Relm of shadows
Rank: A
will make people live there worst nightmare and kill there friends and family it is pure torture to them but not for the user and the pain is real to them some are driven to insanity

mind wipe
it wipes the enemies mind clear of what they did said or was going to do from the previous hour

silver fang
teeth tern two silver and bit simple enough

dead sole
the user stops all organs and signs of life to full the enemy into thinking there dead and then ether attacks or wets till they leave

eye of the wolf
when in wolf form it increases charka strength and speed 5 fold by absorbing moonlight or if in the sun 2 fold but still a power bust for the user but not unbeatable.

flaming tiger
Rank: A
elimint: fire
type: nin
is a powerful Justus but requires allot of charka once you berth out a huge ball of fire it forms into a tiger it will pounce at your target and try to get him till it succeeds or is destroyed

Petal rain
rank: b
elimint: wind
type: nin
it being a storm of rose petals and when on command they explode

piston blade
Rank: c
element :none
type: wep
it is a poisonous soRd that is hidden in a scroll

shadow life
Rank: c
type: gen
the shadows in the fight come alive to assist the user but is only an illusion

wolf howl
Rank: s
type: gen
person is surrounded by wolves in another demotion and is being ripped to shreds by there fangs and claws after the jutsu fads the user ether killed them or left last up to 10 min


fire side
element fire
concentrate chakera to body and thin tern it in to fire and boom if ya touch them bame 3 degree Bern.

posion claw
rank b
whim in wolf form a lethal poison is injected in to the claw and will inter the body by just touching the skin

endless hunt
he enemy is sent to a dentition serenely and will remand there till some one lets there chakera flow in to them and or the user releases them or kills them

e: Phiro
Rank: B
Size: 10 foot
Personality: she is a firry spirit wolf with the intention to serve her master Rina and if any one ells summons her she will kill them but if they can beat her in a fight she will serve them for up to 1 year. When she gets mad her fur turns into fire but it wont burn the summoner if she likes them
Gender: female
Duration: as long as they want
Jutsu: any fire element

Size:10 foot
Personality: is kind and loving and will serve those with a pure heart (she lost a fight with Rina and wants to help her clear her clouded heart and she is bound to her by her strong will to help Rina)she does not like to fight she thinks it is best to talk things out.
Gender: female
Duration: as long as they want
Jutsu: any water element

Size:12 foot
Personality:kinda layed back and calm he has a tendency to talk too much for Rinas likening but he is a strong fighter. He keeps to him self .
Duration: as long as needed
Jutsu: non

Size:4 foot
Personality: does not have a short temper but depends on mood. He loves to look at the moon and stars with his master Rina. He respects only Rina who he has sworn on his life to protect her in any way he can . Does not like taking crap from no one Rina whom he may have to deal with when she is very mad. He never leaves her side unless she wants to be alone or she tells him to leave.Ps when mad som of his fur turns red
Gender: male
Duration: as long as they want
Jutsu: none uses speed and sranth

normel form
mad and going to fight with out coler and grows so he is then 12foot

Ps all summonings can talk
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PostSubject: Re: Rinas stuff   Rinas stuff Icon_minitimeFri Oct 31, 2008 3:08 pm

These jutsu need more description and the wolf howl needs to be a genjutsu cause its WAY too over powered.Your summons are fine though

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Rinas stuff
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